Update #7: The Yacht Has Landed! Final Update??

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Using the proceeds from the Sunbird sale, I managed to find a smokin’ deal on a cabin cruiser!

I could hardly believe the price tag, so I was assuming that it was going to be either:

a) a typical Craigslist scam, or
b) ready for the boat graveyard aka recycling facility

Neither one of those turned out to be the case.

It turns out that the seller, George, a Massachusetts native, had owned the boat its entire life and took good care of her. I had to travel about six hours round trip to pick it up.

George recently upgraded to a 2017 Formula, so needless to say, he had no use for an older Sea Ray.

Though it’s not perfect (upholstery could use some love and some of the electrical components like the speedometer need to be rewired) it has a strong running MerCruiser stern drive, and a dual cabin that’s not in bad shape – especially for the age… does this qualify as a mini-yacht?

Standing room in the main cabin!

It even has the original camper canvas and original matching trailer, which are huge bonuses… dual axle boat trailers are not cheap, nor is custom canvas which quickly gets into the four figure range.

Docking this beast has definitely taken some patience… when we first put it into the water, I was terrified to dock it so I practically forced my marine mechanic to do it for me (thanks Shawn at Brightside Marina). 23 feet feels like an oil tanker when you’re accustomed to 17 footers.

Speaking of oil tankers, the gas tank is gigantic in this thing, although without heavy use a full tank should go a long way.

At the peak of the season, I would estimate I could pull around $10,000 on the local market if I was looking to sell… but I doubt I’m going to let it go anytime soon (although I’ve said that before). It’s been a blast zooming around Great Pond.

So I guess this wraps up my Nintendo Yacht hustle? I wasn’t expecting to pull it off in under a year; realistically I was thinking two years, or at least a couple dozen more swaps (and bumps) along the way.

Maybe I should try trading it up for a 26 footer…?! Drop me an email if you’re interested in a trade. I’ve also loosely considered a new stretch goal of using all proceeds for a down payment on a house (20K range). Lord help me.

No shoes on the deck!

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7 Comments on “Update #7: The Yacht Has Landed! Final Update??”

  1. This is freaking Amazing. 🙂 Good job. You should take the 3DO and talk/trade it up to a hovercraft or something.

  2. This was a great journey to read about. I congratulate you on your determination and encourage you to take things further. An airplane perhaps? Space X? (Okay, that’s a bit much). A house isn’t bad, but I think you should set your goals higher. Perhaps a nice house and then a beach front somewhere nice. What do you think?

    1. Indeed it did! If I remember correctly, I believe I strategically tried to get you to commit to the trip BEFORE telling you what we would be hauling.

  3. I couldn’t wait to read through all these and had to read whether or not you made it all the way. Kudos my man. Good job and hopefully people will realize what being a horse trader is all about. Still can’t believe it started with a Nintendo. I’ll be digging through my basement to find my future boat.

    1. Haha! All it takes is some patience and determination (and of course the ability to deal with some of the crazy’s that Craigslist has to offer).

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