Update #6: Getting rid of the Sunbird

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Woah, things moved quickly since the last update.

I put the Sunbird up for trade to see what would happen. I emphasized in my ad that a bigger boat is what would catch my interest the most:

Several decent trade offers came in:

And some not so decent:

This actually looks promising from a distance, but I always get a kick out of people who take pictures of something they’re trying to get rid of through a dirty window, or from a football field away in this case. Despite fighting a cord of firewood for attention, you can tell there’s no canvas on it, which is not going to fare well through a New England winter. I asked the seller if it came with canvas and he didn’t respond. Pass.

Despite a couple temptations, I ended up passing on all the boat offers, as well as some other interesting things that came along:

This one got my attention quickly:

They offered to text me pictures, so I took them up on it:

If only this person would do an even swap, I’d be up about 30k! I couldn’t offer a straight swap with a straight face, although it was fun to have brief day dreams of cruising around the country in this thing.

They did end up offering me a motorcycle that was more in line with the value of the Sunbird, but I passed:

There was also a guy who offered up his 80s Corvette. My mechanic told me it would easily fetch 10k:

…unfortunately the seller must have changed his mind as quickly as he reached out to me, because he stopped returning emails and phone calls (a very baffling, Craigslist conundrum).

So enough nonsense, where did I land?

I decided to put the Sunbird up for sale instead of swap… a common thread since I started this crazy thing. I put a fairly inflated price tag on it, not expecting it to move quickly, and fully expecting to get some snarky replies (“did you accidentally put an extra 0 on the price?”, etc). Instead, I had two sellers interested before two hours had passed… maybe I should have asked for more?! The thought crossed my mind, but not after I already had an interested party on the way to my house.

We took a quick sea trial, and he cut me a check without haggling. I had no reason to haggle anyway – I had someone else who was enthusiastic and ready to come look at it… actually they had already left their house despite me telling them to hold off until I knew what was happening with the first guy:

So what did I do with the cash? Find out in the next update, which will be posted shortly.

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4 Comments on “Update #6: Getting rid of the Sunbird”

  1. Wow! That motor home would have been quite the coup if you were able to trade for it. Looks like this level was pretty difficult (just as I imagined). Nice wheeling and dealing with the Sunbird. Too bad you couldn’t get the Corvette. That looks like a sweet ride. BTW, have you been hooking up your mechanic friend for all their help?

  2. Oh ya im his mechanic been offering advise and help along the way i got his back like he has mine

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