Don’t be Uncle Rico

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Ever find yourself watching football, and thinking things like “man, Tom Brady gets paid a million dollars to play one sixty minute game. What am I doing wrong?”

At times, I’m as guilty as Uncle Rico with this jealousy-induced train of thought. It’s especially cringe worthy when the people you’re comparing yourself to are younger (something that’s becoming more and more of a common theme since I’ve exited my 20s).

I’m here to tell you that this train of thought is cancer.

uncle-rico-broncosDon’t be the guy who is constantly wondering why everyone around him is more successful, and more importantly, don’t beat yourself up because you’re not on par with Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It’s counterproductive to building your business.

Before their careers took off, do you think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sat around and pouted about people who were more financially successful than them?

The Bottom Line:

There’s nothing wrong with setting big goals. But instead of constantly comparing yourself to the freaks of nature who are truly anomalies at what they do, spend more time building your business.

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